Commercial Driver Medical Examination| Rules and Regulations

Medical Examiner Certificate Integration Final Rule -Important dates to remember.



Fed Med Card Recordkeeping Relief on Its Way – Article –

Article from HDT Trucking Info via J.J. Keller regarding the Medical Examiner’s Certificate Integration Final Rule.  ACOEM’s CDME also published an article regarding the same. What are the main points to keep in mind after reading this article from HDT Trucking or ACOEM’s article? (for those who subscribe).

Dates to remember:

1.  12/22/ 2015 compliance date to use new MER (Medical Examiner Report Form) MCSA-5875.NRII.NPRM.043013 (1) and Medical Examiner’s Certificate FORM_MCSA-5876 (1).

2.  06/22/2018  Reporting Requirement: Date when medical examiners will have to submit driver certification results by midnight local time the day following an exam.


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