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Medical Examiner’s Certificate Expiration Date

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How long is the medical examiner’s certificate good for? The maximum duration is 2 years from the date of examination, if there is no reason to reduce the length of certification of the driver otherwise.  (i.e. due to medical conditions like diabetes or hypertension, driver may be certified for 1 year or less).

However, remember that even a driver who was fully certified for 2 years and later returns from an illness or injury that interfered with his or her ability to operate a commercial vehicle, will have to undergo another medical examination even if the medical examiner’s certificate has not yet expired.   Drivers with medical variances (Federal Vision and Diabetes Exemption Programs) require annual medical certification.

The expiration date listed on your medical examiner’s certificate means that the certificate expires at midnight of the day, month, and year written on the certificate.

The FMCSA states:

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