Commercial Driver Medical Examination| Rules and Regulations

54,055 Registered Medical Examiners in 2017. Source: NRCME DATA Dashboard.

The Data Dashboard of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME) showed a total of 54,055 total registered medical examiners for 2017.

Of the total:

  • 40% are Medical Doctors (33% or 17,750 MDs; 7% or 4,033 DOs)
  • 33% are Nurses (22% or 11,894 Nurse Practitioners; 11% or 6,177 Advanced Practice Registered Nurses)
  • 20% are Physician Assistants (10,685)
  • 6% are Doctors of Chiropractic (3,364)

The remaining registered medical examiners comprise a very small number (152) listed as others.  No further  detail was given as to the nature of their practice.

For information on the total completed commercial driver medical examinations and duration of medical examiner’s certificate issued from 2014 to now, please go to the Data Dashboard.