FMCSA NPR Qualification of Drivers; Diabetes Standard- My Comments


“Also, the FMCSA has no jurisdiction on the TC, but can audit, sanction, and remove MEs who certify drivers improperly on a repeated basis. The purpose of the NRCME was to create a group of examiners trained and knowledgeable with the demands of commercial driving, FMCSA regulations and how CMV drivers physical examination and medical conditions affect safe driving and public safety. The FMCSA needs to give MEs the tools they need to properly evaluate the CMV driver on insulin so that the ME will not have to rely on the “hearsay” of the TC. “


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Jake Lopez

5 months ago
Dr. Rosarion is a true professional. I have been going to him for many years and have followed his practice all the way to College Point. He is fast and efficient and very pleasant to deal with. I recommend him to anyone that is looking for a reliable and consistent DOT medical Examiner.

Stephen Luftig

4 months ago
This is the third time I’ve visited Dr. Rosarion for my DOT Physical and I will continue to use him when needed. He gives a thorough exam, and his office even takes care of the paperwork related to the exam. Though there are certainly medical examiners closer to my current residence in Yonkers, it’s worth the drive (and the tolls) to Dr. Rosarion’s office in Queens because he provides an easy and comfortable experience.
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Larry T Marks

5 months ago
the experience with dr randolph rosarion was amazing he’s very professional and he will answer any questions that you have or your concerns i recommend all CDL DRIVERS TO GO SEE RANDOLPH ROSARION HE IS MAN YOU WONT REGRET IT

larry t marks

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