The Mother’s Day Bus Crash: Why a National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners was formed.

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In 2013 Pam Perry nurse consultant at FMCSA Medical Programs fielded questions from truckers and owner operators at the Heart of America Trucking Show as to why they could no longer see their own personal physician for their DOT physical exam; What exactly is a certified medical examiner and what his or her specialty is supposed to be?  Some even thought that it was “stupid” to create a Registry of medical examiners for truckers.  Well her answer, as follows from this Landline Magazine article was:

“Congress mandated it and told FMCSA to “get it done.”

This mandate came after a terrible bus crash in New Orleans in 1999 that killed 22 people, otherwise known as the “Mother’s Day” crash as detailed in an article on 08/29/2001 from NOLA.com “Loophole lets sick man drive, safety board says Bedell was certified despite heart, kidney disease report says”.  There was of course lawsuits and…

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