New Rules! For DOT Physicals.

Make sure you see a certified medical examiner listed in the National Registry now or DMV will reject your medical examiner’s certificate!

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I hope that Bill Maher doesn’t mind I borrow the title of this post from that popular segment of his on HBO, but I do think the time is ripe for New Rules! for DOT physicals that is.

As everyone should be aware of (by everyone I mean truck drivers, doctors, motor carriers, and any one involved in the trucking business) May 21, 2014 the compliance date when commercial drivers must use a medical examiner listed in the national Registry is a little over a week past now.  The date is a significant turning point on how commercial drivers are certified.  For the first time, drivers will have to go to a medical examiner who is formally trained and certified (by passing a written examination) on the physical qualification standards, and how to apply them in the evaluation of commercial drivers engaged in Interstate commerce.  The Final Rule was published in…

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