National registry of Certified Medical Examiners

National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners Statistical Report Update



Those of you who missed it, Allen Smith from Blog Talk Radio had a nice segment with Elaine Papp last week regarding the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners “Understanding the National Registry…”.  Elaine Papp RN, MSN is the Division Chief for the FMCSA Office of Medical Programs.  She discussed the NRCME in general, and some of the background behind it’s creation, starting with a terrible bus accident in New Orleans back in 1990 that left 22 dead.  This led the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) to recommend the tracking of medical examiner physicals and a congressional mandate for the eventual creation of the NRCME.

Elaine Papp went over the latest statistical report as of last week, showing a total of 44,127 registered MEs, and 19,442 CMEs.  That was reportedly more than a 1,700 jump in 1 week.  The current figure as of this post is probably well above 20,000 by now.  In fact as of last week, there was reportedly another 2,000 MEs that passed the certification examination, but for whatever reason were not yet put on the Registry.  It seems that Elaine Papp’s prediction of  25,000 “possible” CMEs by May 21, 2014 is more probable now than ever.  It also seems not too long ago I wrote a post entitled “6,358 Certified DOT Medical Examiners and Rising”.

To listen to the entire show click on the link above for Blog Talk Radio.