Commercial Driver Medical Examination| Rules and Regulations

What does the FMCSA NPR to amend insulin treated diabetes mean to you – medical examiners and truck drivers?


From Allen Smith’s BlogTalk Radio Truth About Trucking.  Tune in to a lively conversation on a rainy (stormy) Saturday night as hosts (Allen and Donna Smith) discuss this very important issue with guests Elaine Papp former Division Chief of the Medical Programs Division at the FMCSA and me.   After 35 and more years in the occupational medicine field Elaine continues to offer her knowledge, expertise and vast experience with her newly founded company Health+Safety Works.

Are medical examiners even aware of the NPR to amend the insulin diabetes standard?  If so how many?  Comments are due July 6th.  Please be safe and enjoy your independence day celebrations, and most of all don’t forget to send in your comments!  The link to last Saturday’s show is here:–drivers-with-insulin-dependent-diabetes.