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The NRCME: The Top 10 Questions I Will Not Miss When May 21 is Here.

As a tribute to David Letterman who is to retire soon, and with the May 21, 2014 compliance date almost here, I thought I would try to remember the top 10 questions I get from drivers and other examiners that I will not miss.   As with tradition I will do it in reverse order.


10.  My family doctor already did my exam.  Can I just come in to see you to get my certificate?

9.    Are you certified?

8.    Do you know where I can get the DOT forms?

7.    I need a medical examiner’s certificate for my CDL, can you send one to me or do I have to come in?

6.    Which box do I need to check on top of the  Medical Examiner’s Certificate?

5.   Last doctor gave me a certificate for 3 years.  Why are you only giving me 2?

4.   The doctor I saw left out the eye exam and didn’t do the urine test.   How much does it cost to just come in for that part?

3.   If I have to pay all that money again for EKG, blood draws, and colonoscopy, will I still have to wait 2 weeks for my DOT card?.

2.   You are Board Certified to do these exams aren’t you?

1.    Hi this is Dr. John Doe, what’s that you said?  FMCSA ?


These are real and true questions I’ve received over the years.  Whether or not we have enough medical examiners by May 21, 2014, what is clear is that the NRCME is long over due.   I hope to never get another question like some of the ones on that list, especially from other examiners.