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2015 NRCME: Review of Important Bulletins.

Important bulletins FMCSA sent to medical examiners in 2015.   1/20/15 OSA Bulletin to MEs and Training Organizations-01122015 To remind healthcare professionals on FMCSA’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (the National […]

FMCSA NPR Qualification of Drivers; Diabetes Standard- My Comments

“Also, the FMCSA has no jurisdiction on the TC, but can audit, sanction, and remove MEs who certify drivers improperly on a repeated basis. The purpose of the NRCME was to create a group of examiners trained and knowledgeable with the demands of commercial driving, FMCSA regulations and how CMV drivers physical examination and medical conditions affect safe driving and public safety. The FMCSA needs to give MEs the tools they need to properly evaluate the CMV driver on insulin so that the ME will not have to rely on the “hearsay” of the TC. “

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